Vitamin B17 Face Packs – Woman’s Best Friend

Vitamin B17, with its proven capabilities to treat several ailments like cancer, arthritis is also an amazing boon for the skin. It is found naturally in many foods like bambooalfalfaapricots, almonds, cashew kernels , strawberries, and seeds of apple, pear, plum, prune to name a few.

A quick fix Vitamin B17 pack that will bring glimmer to your skin is- Make a blend of 1 tsp of Apricot kernel powder(finely ground), 3 tablespoons pulped apricots and 3 tablespoons of ripe pulped papaya. One can use almond powder if Apricot powder is not available. This scrub can be massaged on the face and entire body and left for about 25 minutes and then rinsed off.

For a natural face lift, try this B17 enriched face enhancer. Make a paste of about 4 strawberries, a teaspoon each of pear and apple seeds finely grinded, grape pulp about a tablespoon, 2-3 tablespoons of orange juice and one tablespoon of honey. The pack can be left on for half an hour and cleansed off with tepid water. A final splash of vinegar will give the perfect lift.

For those with visible outbreaks on the skin, try this B17 mask that surely soothes troubled skin. Firstly, one needs to soften 2-3 dried prunes, by boiling them in about half a cup of water. One they swell up, they need to be mashed properly. Now, add half cup of crushed oats and just the right amount of honey to make a sticky consistency that will remain on the face. This can be applied while still warm and left for about half an hour and washed off thereafter.

One can try this facial if you are going out and want an instant glow. Grind almonds which have been soaked in milk for 7-8 hours. Take a teaspoon of green clay also known as bentonite and one tablespoon of fresh watermelon juice. Blend well and apply and leave for 20 minutes, washing off with cold water to revel pinkish sheen.

For vanishing wrinkles try a mix of few drops of almond oil, the yellow of one egg, about a teaspoon of extracted lemon and two spoonfuls of orange juice. Apply and leave for about half an hour and rinse off.

The fresh juice of apricots on the face helps relieve sun burns. Another great sunburn spritzer is that of one part of apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and buttermilk and one part of mineral water can be sprayed on the face to give immense relief.


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