The Cabbage Way To Taut Skin And Healthy Body

Cabbage, though originally a wild herb, is one the most primeval plants among other common vegetables used by mankind with it origin dating back nearly four millennia ago, in the near east.

One can find references of the humble vegetable, cabbage in Greek legends, who believed that the cabbage came into existence from the sweating of the main deity in the Greek history, Zeus. In the conventional medical Greek ceremony, cabbage was believed to encourage or boost lactation. If was believed that if cabbage was given to pregnant women, it was known to stimulate the milk producing hormones, thus increasing the breast milk production.

Cabbage was extensively used in the subsequent centuries, during the prehistoric Roman era, where the Romans whipped up a remedy from the regular cabbage. The Romans used this cabbage based remedy to weed out the harmful effects of alcohol in the body. The Romans believed that cabbage helps to nullify and counteract the impact of hangovers that mostly followed after heavy spells of drinking.

In the primordial times, the leaves of cabbage were used as bandages to clean the infected wounds, scrapes and bruises on the body. Wraps of the cabbage are conventionally made for cleaning cuts and abrasions and are still used till date in this role. One can make a bandage, by cutting out the hard midsection from the cabbage leaf and then iron on the leaf. Once this is accomplished, the hot leaf can be placed directly on the wounded areas.

One can take the cabbage leaves and blanch them in hot water, followed by crushing them or finely cutting them and applying as a herbal soother for the easing of several physical swellings, varied types of external tumors, and to reduce the painful joint pains in the body.

Cabbage is full of essential vitamins and minerals. The water obtained from boiling cabbage can be used to rinse the face after washing.

For glowing skin at a pinch of yeast and two teaspoons of cabbage juice and apply. Wash off after 15-20 mins.

Cabbage has been acknowledged as a basic fibre vegetable. If cabbage juice is had early in the mornings, it known to accelerate bowel movements, which helps prevent constipation and aids in detoxifying the body. Cabbage leaves eaten in raw form or cooked medium facilitates digestion and treat people suffering from vitamin C deficiency, scurvy.

Those who suffer from severe arthritis experience great relief with regular consumption of cabbage. People suffering from eczema have found great solace by the topical application of cabbage.

People with varicose veins and various leg ulcers are effectively cured by the topical treatment of cabbage. The topical application is made by mixing little water with mashed cabbage to make an external herbal pack to be applied directly on the affected areas. A piece of linen cloth is used to bind the pack over the wound.

For problem free skin free of disorders, cabbage is the best bet internally as well as externally due to its high sulfer and mineral content that destroy the toxins in the blood. People with frequent problem of cold and cough should frequently consume cabbage.

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