The Black Cannon Wonder – Black Cumin Seeds, Nigella Sativa

The innate black cumin seed or Nigella Sativa is literally a warehouse of 100 important organic nutrients with yet to be tapped potential of several others of its components. The herb was initially discovered in Egypt where it was amongst the prized items alongside the King’s mummy found while the Giza Tombs were explored. The black seeds were used to cure wide-ranging ailments from respiratory tract problems, irregular periods and headaches to relieving toothaches, de-worming, lactation enhancement, liver, stomach problems, and skin problems. It was literally called the seed of blessing with the ability to cure everything under the sun except imminent death.

In Greek and Arabic cultures the seed were used as a local anaesthetic, brain-body stimulant thus relieving lethargy and exhaustion. It is ideal for preventing cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, dementia, fibroids, catarrh-the list seems quite long. An effectual fat-burner that boosts immunity and facilitates wound healing.

The black seeds have multi-vitamin, multi-mineral properties which aid healthy skin, lustrous hair and shining strong nails. A paste of grinded black seeds and white vinegar helps clear stubborn acne. Those who vouch by the anti-oxidant properties of green tea must try the potent tea blend of red tea and black seeds which is free of caffeine, tannins and rich in innate antibiotics, minerals that can cure a host of health problems with fifty times greater antioxidant punch than green tea.

Those who face problem of bad breath, mouth ulcerations get positive results after including a daily burbling with water that has been infused with the seeds. It is an effective room freshener and prevents fungus or moths from growing. Those who suffer from piles, constipation must include it in their daily diet due to its roughage properties.

Black seed extract oil is an excellent flavouring for many dishes and is great to use during massages of the whole body especially the head as it helps combat dandruff. Lower your cholesterol and pump up your immunity by consuming black seeds with garlic first thing in the morning.

Those having a loss of appetite can include the below mixture in their daily diet. Grind the equal parts of fennel seeds, dried ginger, black seeds and carom seeds.

Many insect or animal bites cause acute pain and inflammation can be cured by consuming about half a teaspoon of the black seeds daily.

One needs to keep in consideration individual reactions to certain ingredients used and information provided herewith is intended to provide useful knowledge which are to be followed after adequate medical advice.

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