Sting, Madonna And The Power Plate Workout

Vouched by none other than Sting and the Police, the Power Plate is their companion even during tours, as they believe it aids in maintaining top physical form to endure gruelling performances and travelling.

The faddish health gadget is also among the key reasons for the aging Madonna’s fabulous curves. With just ten minute spared for three times in a week on the vibrating platform of the Power Plate will aid in toning, weight loss and raise stamina.

The gadget benefits the body by including vibration to the workout by contracting the muscles 25-50 times more every second that tremendously enhances the efficacy of the workout with negligible impact on joints and ligaments.

By just standing on the power plate with knees bent will accelerate the burnout of calories. A proper warming up and cooling down session is of utmost importance in any workout. The vibrations of the power plate can be used to massage the quads and hamstrings while resting the remaining part of the body on the support pad. This posture needs to be followed for one minute at the commencement and conclusion of the workout.

By just balancing the leg stretched on the power plate will increase the effectiveness of the vibrations.

Novices can start with standing tiptoed with the knees slightly bent. The arms can be worked by holding the machine handle and bending the elbows to a posture wherein one can maintain control of the body while keeping a balance on the toes and hands, doing both the postures for half a minute and relaxing the other half minute.

If weight loss is intended, then lunges can be undertaken by bending the leg on the plate, staying in the posture for half a minute, slowly escalating the held time to one minute. The triceps can be targeted by raising the hips off the edging of the power plate while holding the handle and bending the elbow.

Using this resourceful fitness machine, varying body parts are placed in touch with the platform in different exercise steps like squatting, lunging, push-ups, ab-crunching, tricep dunk or bicep twists for a time span hold of one minute during which various muscle sets get stretched, toned and strengthened collectively.

Power plates also decrease stress by lowering cortisol levels, increasing the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin and improving lymphatic flow. It causes a surge of the Human Growth Hormone and raises bone mineral density. It facilitates collagen production leading to taut, beautiful skin. It also raises blood circulation and oxygen supply leading to effective flushing out of toxins from the body, thus reducing cellulite, summing up to an absolute spa experience.



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