Miracle Of Wheat Germ Grass

Wheat grass, the sprouted version of wheat kernels, is truly the food of the Gods, with its plethora of beauty and health enhancing properties.  The green pigment in the wheat grass has excellent anti-aging properties as it facilitates cells to regenerate and revamps them to younger forms.

Wheat germ juice, when consumed on a daily basis is an excellent detoxifier, by nullifying toxic substance and poisons like uric or other acids. It is almost completely sopped up by the skin and is an effective cleanser and toner, making the skin taut, moisturised and radiant. When used on frequent basis on the skin, it clears away blemishes and tan marks.

Due to its extraordinary therapeutic value, it is extensively used as the key ingredient by major cosmetic giants in their products. The pureed mix when rubbed all over the body acts an effective scrub and helps combat the vagaries of the sun and pollution related skin disorders.

One can consume about almost half a litre of wheat grass juice as the day commences and experience significant relief from body odour. Wheat grass is known to reduce the build up of cholesterol in the body.

If one is suffering from recurrent toothache, wheat grass juice is an excellent pain reliever. Gargling wheat grass juice for about 10 minutes every day, it helps extract the toxins from the gums and helps relieve toothache.

Also one can get relief from the onset of sore throat infection by rinsing your mouth with the wheat grass juice.

Wheat grass, with its multi-vitamin and mineral properties is an excellent remedy for treating symptoms of skin ailments like eczema, dryness in skin. It regulates the acidity levels in the body which shoot up during infections like inflammation, dryness.

Its blood purifying properties cleanse the system of toxic traces of heavy metals like lead and mercury that come into our system through food, air and water. It boosts the immunity levels of our system, making it more adept to fight infections.

A good habit to consume wheat grass juice to begin the day helps as its clears the system preventing constipation. As it might seem unpalatable to consume by itself, it can be combined with other fruits like apple, carrot, cucumber and sweetened with honey to make the potent health drink which is bound to pay rich dividends to those who religiously follow this ritual.

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