Judicious Ways To Staying Recharged – Part II

  • Ideally guzzling a restrained quantity of caffeine up to three hundred milligrams that comes up to two to three coffee servings will keep one zippy and heighten alertness during the subsequent hours. Contrarily, overconsumption or having caffeine in the noon or prior to dusk will bear heavy on the sleep cycle for the following night, making one feel heavy headed the next morning. Individuals that are hyper-sensitive to caffeine may instead favourably opt for the decaffeinated variety during the noon time.


  • Everyone is accustomed to physical fatigue, but stress that affects the mind is capable of exerting a greater strain on a person. Life courses its way through the most unlikely of twists and turns and the astute way to handle negative emotion is to respond rationally that will go a long way in springing back to verve.


  • Splatter some water on the face or take a soak if feeling the pits. Water therapy has been shown to effectively boost energy levels. In fact, a dash of water fillip will instantaneously aid in soothing the nerves.


  • Dressing for the occasion is bound to bolster one’s self image and gives one an edge. Also taking care of one’s appearances has a feel-good effect whenever one looks into the mirror or gets a flattering remark.


  • To many of us, concealing our distress, trepidation and constant worries is the adult manner of handling the situation. Instead, by opening up and coming out about one’s hassles in life to a confidante will definitely help in decreasing their capacity to bog us down and eat us from within.


  • Music is a great stress buster that has mood altering, anxiety reducing and energy augmenting properties. A research has revealed that those who exercised with music on worked out better than those who did it in quiet. Music positively diverts one’s mind, thus engaging in music therapy is a thumbs up option.


  • Holding on to rancour only nudges the body into responding to unremitting strenuous condition by causing heart palpitation and surged blood pressure level thus leading to eventual weakened immunity and tiredness. Instead, let go all bitterness and inculcate feelings of compassion and clemency, thus staunchly advocating the ‘Forgive and Forget’ principle.

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