Guava Fruit Facts – Go Guava For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Guava, the humble looking fruit in pink to yellow-white colors, is the all-purpose fruit for combating various maladies like colon and prostate cancer, reducing high pressure, diabetes, bad cholesterol and scurvy.

The fruit with its high dose of Vitamin C is great for healthy eyes and heart. Guava jelly is a great source of multi-vitamins helps keep skin gleaming clean, taut and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The high fiber content in Guava acts as an excellent detoxifier by aiding smooth passage of stools, thus preventing constipation. The Guava fruit and its leaves have bacterial staving and disinfecting properties, thus helping combat stomach upsets like dysentery and diarrhea. Its astringent properties are helpful for maintaining healthy gums.

Many suffer from dull, flaky skin that tend to aggravate to broken veins, dry patches and sore skin and eventual premature skin wrinkling. A regular application of a paste of guava and honey applied to the affected area and left for about half an hour will prove very remedial to this problem.

An effective guava paste -based face blend involves apricot oil, sandalwood powder, vitamin A & E, lemongrass extract, guava extract and passionflower oil when massaged for about 20-30 minutes into the face, on a regular basis helps prevent premature aging, heals and soothes skin with effective regeneration and revitalisation. Guava is effective for skin whitening, thus, natural bleach for the skin.

Guava is great for dazzling, glossy hair locks and great for thin, chemical-treated hair. A blend of extracts of passion fruit, guava, dried orange powder and honey acts as a great hair pack that removes frizz and provides the hair deep conditioning with its high vitamin and anti-oxidant properties.

Powdered form or the extract of guava along with aloe Vera helps heal prickly heat symptoms in children and adults. People who suffered allergic reactions like eczema and psoriasis experienced significant relief with topical application of guava extract or dried guava leaves.

A potent guava-based face cleanser that involves a blend of extracts of guava, kiwi and camomile with a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and a few drops of Palm oil and Orange oil acts as a natural skin decongestant, improves tautness and helps cells regeneration.

For an effectual guava-based toner, try the blend of guava extract, aloe Vera gel, Witch Hazel, Camomile extract, Collagen, coral seaweed and Panthenol, acts as a mild astringent and maintains optimal skin health.

Guavas extract with a mix of butcher’s broom extract is an effectual anti-obesity cream.

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