Frizzy Hair No More – Check Out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Secret to Glossy Locks

Guess what’s the secret to Gwyneth Paltrows glam tresses – one of those costly shampoos or Brazilian blowout? In reality, neither of them, acc. to coiffeur D. Babaii due credit is to be given to the loofah brushes.

When shooting for the cover-page of a famed glossy the stylist admitted to rolling Paltrow’s wet locks around loofahs prior to texture-adding heat blast been given, ensued by taming unruly locks with everyday use tongue cleaner.

Here are some of the most fascinating, unusual beauty secrets & hints from hair experts to tame frizzy hair and yield envious hair.

Aluminium Foils

The hair expert who gave Posh Spice her ‘Pob’ hairstyle, B. Cooke reveals just how he managed to do it.

  • For creating undulating hair sans curling tong, he used aluminium foil sheets.
  • Twisting fifteen of them to form eight centimetres length rods – more thin the wand is – more tight the curls.
  • Winding sectors of hair about the rods & twisting the tips of the foils together for securing them.
  • Blasting heated air from hair-dryers for 3-4 minutes on the hair for activating curls – the aluminium foils would remain heated for around 5 minutes.
  • No sooner have the rods cooled down, voila, incredible bounce and volume to your hair.

Anti-Static Sheets

Fabric conditioners are great for taking out any static in the locks subsequent to have blow-dried them. In a gentle manner, gliding the fabric-softener sheet on the hair from the roots to the tips – the outcome is gorgeous, non-static locks.

E45 Cream

For those dire situations when you are not having any shine sprays, mousses or serums, though want to transform from arid, frizzy hair to shiny & glam then go ahead and try massaging a pea size quantity of non-scented body butter onto the hair tips for instant softness & hydration to hair.

Tomato Sauce

In case you have gone for a dip in a swimming pool full of chlorine water & blonde locks has become a horrific greenish tone then use some tomato sauce on the hair pre-shampooing, leaving it on for a few minutes prior to washing it off with tepid water. The reddishness in the sauce would help in neutralizing the greenish shade and return your locks to their earlier colour.

Condensed Milk

Several eminent hair colourists mostly apply condensed milk on scalps while they do bleach highlighting since it averts that irritated feeling & has a soothing effect on the scalp that could experience some soreness when exposed to peroxide.

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