Epsom Salt – Load Some Wholesome

Epsom salt which is crystalline magnesium sulphate is a one-stop cure for a host of ailments.

Epsom Salt is a great growth stimulant for plants. For fuller and long lasting growth of blossoming plants, one can add half a cup of the Epsom salts to the soil and adding some water to get the salt ionized.

It is advisable to locally use Epsom salt to clean a body piercing as an effectual means of disinfecting the area. In case of an oral piercing one can burble tepid water which has been mixed with Epsom salt. A warm piece of cloth or cotton drenched in Epsom can be placed on the piercing, the purpose being that warm water and the salt helps subside swelling and extract out any impurity which might be infectious thus accelerating the healing process.

Those faced with mild and extreme cases of cellulite deposition in various parts of the body can try use the blend of essential oil of choice like lime, basil, fennel, lavender to name a few with about two cups of Epsom salt. This blend can be massaged into the specific area as a daily routine and is bound to reduce cellulite due to its smoothening and exfoliating nature.

People with nagging problems of athlete’s foot, nail fungus in hands or feet get quick relief by soaking the affected area in Epsom salt dissolved in water. Animals like horses that are breed are known to show positive improvements when the injured hoof was treated with Epsom salt.

The saturated mix of Epsom salt in water when inhaled in steam form helps relieve respiratory tract discomfort caused to mucus. People suffering from Asthma, sinusitis or those with itchy-sore throat can burble the above salt inundated water to get relief. Skin irritation caused due to various factors like insects or animal bites, bruises, poison ivy, psoriasis are significantly cured by using the above blend.

A bath soak comprising of crushed garlic, vinegar, Epsom salt in bearably hot water is a famous Grandma’s advice that is still diligently followed by many women monthly after conclusion of their menses to help de-toxify the body. However, people with heart problems, kidney stones, and raised blood pressure should desist from this practice.

Many expectant women who were diagnosed with premature delivery were advised prescribed quantities of Epsom salt to prevent cerebral palsy in such babies which occurs very often. Epsom salt helps relieve constipation due to its intense action on the intestinal muscles thus aiding clearing the colon and also used as an effective enema too.

The information supplied herewith is no replacement for medical advice and one needs to seek professional assistance before undertaking any new course of actions.

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