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Great and enough hair are considered to be a vital sign of good health. Beginning to lose hair is a phase of embarrassment; be it men or women, young or old. It is not a disease, and yet it steals away the ease from one’s living. Hair loss may occur due to stress and, conversely, it may cause induction of more stress in one’s lifestyle. Trying out different products and treatments for hair loss is an easy way out, but choosing the right treatment for one’s hair type, which shall prove perfect to eliminate the exact cause of a particular person’s hair loss is not so easy.

There are many hair loss analyzer tests that try finding out the reason for chronic hair loss and is suggestive of relative treatments. Of all, the hair loss evaluation test at Dr. Batra’s is quite known, tried and accepted. The uniqueness of Dr. Batra’s hair loss evaluation test, shoring far away from other such tests, is that it discovers the current causes of one’s hair loss, which claims as an accurate measure, evaluates the problem and advices about one’s improvement scope with treatments based on Homeopathic science. What adds to the exclusivity of Dr. Batra’s Hair Loss Evaluation Test is that the information about the severity and brutality of one’s hair loss problems is kept personal and secretive. The patient’s response is considered and a basic advice, at Dr. Batra’s, and sample treatments are assured for the patient to decide further action courses. Following the assessment of the hair loss problem, Dr. Batra’s hair loss treatment team provides some medical forecasting on the scope of improvement for one’s hair, with homeopathy treatments.

Numerous experiences speak of the exclusive treatments for hair loss at Dr. Batra’s. There are experiences which have seen treatments for over 1,00,000 diverse cases of hair loss, and ones that have personalized the time-tested Homeopathy treatments for hair loss at Dr. Batra’s – the secure, effectual and long lasting ways out. Many cases of hair loss have been treated by experienced Trichology experts that have been provided training from the London Institutes of Hair Care. Diagnosis of hair loss is done, at Dr. Batra’s, using Video Microscopy for accurate results, in a timely manner, which itself contributes a lot towards the precise treatment plans. Certain treatments for hair loss, at Dr. Batra’s, make use of laser combs and Piler light therapies to detect the problem and treat the actual areas of work. But, the lasers are of a low level and there seems absolutely no need to get worried regarding the side effects of the radiations. As well as the diagnosis and fixation of the hair loss problems, the patients also get to seek nutritional guidance from well- known nutritionists and counseling from expert psychologists, at Dr. Batra’s, so that they could further take care of their newly treated hair with diet and stress management plans.

So rest assured, there will be tremendous decline in “hair today, gone tomorrow’ kind of stories around the world.

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